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Fine handwovens by Janice Jones, bags by Pam LeBlanc, and felted work by Jodi Clayton, pictured here, are only some of the handmade apparel and accessories available in the shop, Tapestry bags by Erda and handwovens by Laney Lloyd and Elsa Fletcher, help round out the fiber collection gathered by Margaret Bundy. Please feel free to call the shop for more details or for pictures of individual items.
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Sweetgrass-Fine Baskets of Maine

Ms. Goodyear is one of the founding members of Island Artisans and, for many years, her work as a handweaver was represented at the shop. Twenty four years ago, she established Sweetgrass-Fine Baskets of Maine. This collection of more than 40 basketmakers' works is an eclectic one ranging from traditional to contemporary, some functional, others ornamental. They all have in common, however, the finest of craftsmanship and purest of creativity, representing a devotion to the continuation and exploration of an ancient craft.

Pictured here are examples of some of the styles represented in the collection. Feel free to contact Abigail for further information, and for pictures of individual pieces.
Phone: (207) 288-4788
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